Recurrent atrial myxoma, right atriotomy, and sinus node dysfunction: A case of interdisciplinary care

Erwin E Argueta MD, Kelly Ratheal MD, Sofia Prieto MD, Ralph Paone MD, Leigh Ann Jenkins MD, Olusegun Oyenuga MD


Primary cardiac tumors are rare, and atrial myxomas represent about half of the benign tumors encountered. When found, definitive treatment is surgical resection. Following resection of these tumors, recurrence is possible, and these patients need regular follow-up. In the case of recurrence, repeat surgical intervention is feasible, but the potential for more disruption in atrial anatomy has to be considered. This could contribute to cardiac arrhythmias, and anticipation of these events is necessary to optimize patient care. We present the case of a woman with a recurrent left atrial myxoma who developed sinus node dysfunction after resection and discuss her clinical management.

Keywords: Atrial myxoma, atriotomy, sinus node dysfunction

Article citation: Argueta EE, Ratheal K, Prieto S, Paone R, Jenkins LA, Oyenuga O. Recurrent atrial myxoma, right atriotomy, and sinus node dysfunction: a case of interdisciplinary care. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles 2018;6(23):42–46
From: Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine (EEA, KR, SP, LAJ, OO); Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery (RP), Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock
Submitted: 4/22/2018
Accepted: 6/15/2018
Reviewers: Anurag Singh MD, Aliakbar Arvandi MD
Conflicts of interest: none
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