Journal Announcement

This issue of the Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles will introduce a pilot project involving the articles published in its Statistics Column. These articles will be supplemented by material and content using the Integrated Statistics Learning Environment, a user-friendly data analytics platform hosted by the Department of Statistics & Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University ( Each article will be accompanied by short questions related to the content as well as opportunities to analyze data sets using the discussed methods. By design, the platform customized for this journal emphasizes conceptual understanding and does not require any programming or coding. It provides readers with the opportunity to quickly assess their understanding of the material presented in the articles and to develop a better foundation in data analysis and interpretation. Readers will also have the opportunity to interact with the authors, the editorial board, and the developers of the Integrated Statistics Learning Environment. We invite you to begin exploring this supplemental content by clicking on the ISLE link below associated with the Statistics Column article.