Relapsing polychondritis presenting as otitis externa

  • Benjamin Lee
  • Christopher J. Peterson Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- School of Medicine
  • Joshua Peterson
  • Mark D. Lacy


Relapsing polychondritis remains a challenging diagnosis with cartilage inflammation being the hallmark disease pathology. Typical presentations include inflammation of auricular cartilage and joints, although multiple sites can be affected. Symptoms often overlap with other diseases and diagnosis is often delayed. Neurologic symptoms are rare and are attributed to CNS vasculitis. Here we report a rare case of relapsing polychondritis with neurological symptoms. This case illustrates both the challenges of diagnosis and the need to consider relapsing polychondritis in cases of cartilaginous inflammation.


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Benjamin Lee, Peterson, C., Joshua Peterson, & Lacy, M. (2023). Relapsing polychondritis presenting as otitis externa. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 11(46), 44-52.