Multiple pulmonary contusions in a collegiate football player

  • Michael Phy Department of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Keywords: Pulmonary contusion, football, hemoptysis


Pulmonary contusion is an infrequently reported event in contact sports. To date, there are only four reported cases in football players in the literature. This case is unique in its presentation (large contusion, coup/contrecoup injuries) and management (need for air transport shortly after the injury, persistent symptoms, delayed recovery and return to play). Clinical signs and symptoms, such as dyspnea, hemoptysis, and chest wall pain, should increase the suspicion for possible pulmonary contusion. Early imaging with computed tomography (CT) is preferred due to its superior sensitivity and specificity (compared to chest radiography) in detecting pulmonary contusions. In addition, CT scans can quantify the amount of lung damage which can be used in treatment decisions and prognosis. Treatment requires close monitoring and management off requently associated pulmonary symptoms, such as chest wall pain and hypoxia.


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