Recurrences of giant cell tumor of bone within soft tissue

  • Dylan Homen Texas Tech University HSC Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • George Brindley
  • Cody Beaver


Giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) is typically considered an aggressive but benign tumor, and recurrence of the tumor following surgical intervention is common. It is much rarer, however, for recurrence to occur in the soft tissue surrounding the original lesion. Literature investigating the giant cell tumor of soft tissue is much less prevalent than that of bony recurrence, and our understanding of its etiology is still developing. This report presents two cases in which recurrence of the tumor occurred in the adjacent soft tissue following intralesional excision of GCTB, in hopes of identifying variables that could have contributed to this atypical recurrence and prompting further investigations regarding means of possible prevention.


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Homen, D., Brindley, G., & Beaver, C. (2020). Recurrences of giant cell tumor of bone within soft tissue. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 8(34), 56-60.