Monitoring sedation during mechanical ventilation

  • Arunee Motes


Sedative medications have been used in intensive care units (ICU) to minimize discomfort, prevent pain /anxiety, allow invasive procedures, reduce stress, and improve synchrony in mechanically ventilated (MV) patients. However, these drugs can have adverse effects resulting in increased length of ICU/hospital stay, health care costs, morbidity, and mortality.  This review summarizes the mechanisms of action, usual doses, side effects, adverse effects, contraindications, and recent studies of sedatives which are frequently used in adult ICUs and the sedation assessment tools for measuring quality and depth of sedation in adult ICU patients.


Keywords sedations, mechanical ventilation, intensive care unit, sedation assessment tools


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Motes, A. (2022). Monitoring sedation during mechanical ventilation. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 10(45), 19-27.