Recurrent hemoptysis - a complication associated with an azygos lobe

  • Tatiana Denega Department of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Suzanne Alkul
  • Ebtesam Islam
  • Raed Alalawi
Keywords: azygos lobe, hemoptysis, chest radiograph


The azygos lobe, also commonly referred to as an accessory lobe of the azygos vein, is located at the apicomedial portion of the right lung and is separated from the remainder of the upper lobe by a fissure. It usually has no significant clinical implications and is an incidental finding in radiographic studies. We report a patient with recurrent hemoptysis who had no obvious explanation for bleeding. At surgery the posterior segment of the right upper lobe was tucked behind and compressed by the azygos lobe. This suggested that the recurrent bleeding was due to the azygos lobe.


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