Sugammadex: A neuromuscular blockade agent encapsulator

  • Victoria Yepes Hurtado University Medical Center, Lubbock, TX.
Keywords: cyclodextrin, encapsulation, selective relaxant binding agent, sugammadex, supramolecular


Sugammadex sodium, a modified γ-cyclodextrin, represents a new class of drugs effective
at reversing non-depolarizing muscle relaxants rocuronium and vecuronium. The cylindrical,
basket-like structure encapsulates neuromuscular blocking agents which results in rapid
reversal of paralysis within three minutes. The current literature was reviewed to analyze the
clinical implications and considerations with its administration.


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Yepes Hurtado, V. (2017). Sugammadex: A neuromuscular blockade agent encapsulator. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 5(20), 44-49.