Echocardiographic strain

  • Sofia Prieto
  • Omid Hosseini
  • Pooja Sethi


Echocardiography is a readily available imaging modality used to evaluate cardiac function. Recently, the addition of strain measurements has provided additional information by evaluating the intrinsic myocardial function and detecting subclinical systolic dysfunction. As with any emerging technique or application, it is imperative to understand how the information gathered in the study can be applied to clinical practice. This review article examines how echocardiographic strain analysis can be applied to clinical practice and its use as a promising prognostic resource in many cardiovascular conditions.


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Prieto, S., Hosseini, O., & Sethi, P. (2020). Echocardiographic strain. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 8(36), 58-60.