Orbital Cellulitis in West Texas


Purpose: Identify the risk factors, microbiology, complications, and treatment outcomes of orbital cellulitis in West Texas

Study type: Retrospective chart review

Main findings: 46 patients over a 10-year period were treated for orbital cellulitis. The majority of patients were adult and male. The most common causative organisms were staphylococcus aureus and polymicrobial infections. Abscess formation, either subperiosteal or intraorbital, were the most common complications. The majority of patients regained normal visual acuity following resolution of the infection.

Conclusion: Prompt treatment of orbital cellulitis results in limited complications and resolution of visual loss


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Clarke, C. L., & Mitchell, K. T. (2021). Orbital Cellulitis in West Texas. The Southwest Respiratory and Critical Care Chronicles, 9(40), 9-13. https://doi.org/10.12746/swrccc.v9i40.829